How to Eat Healthily at Work to Support Your COVID Recovery

Nov 24, 2021

Eating healthy at work has never been more important than now. COVID is leaving us feeling weak or tired, underweight, or with a loss of appetite which can affect our performance and productivity at work.

That’s why you should try to eat the right foods that will boost your immune system, speed up your recovery, and keep you focused throughout the day. The list of benefits from eating healthily doesn’t stop here and includes better memory, creativity, and concentration.

Before we suggest a few post-COVID lunches you can eat at work, we’re going to share a few tips for healthier eating in the office that will speed up your COVID recovery.

Tips for Healthy Eating at Work after COVID

Food for Work Place

Here are a few tips for healthy eating at work that are good for your body, energy, and concentration, no matter if you’ve been down with the virus or not.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Make sure you always have a healthy breakfast before your shift starts. If you don’t have enough time to prepare breakfast every morning, you can prepare it the night before. Or, you can choose something simple but healthy, such as oats with yogurt or whole-grain toast with peanut butter.

Always Have Healthy Snacks at the Ready

Plan out a few healthy snacks every day such as fruit, vegetable, seeds, or nuts. Ensuring you always have a healthy option at the ready will help you avoid buying something from the vending machine when hunger strikes you.

Pack Your Lunch for Work

There are many reasons why packing your lunch for work is better than buying something from the cafeteria or eating takeout. For example, you know exactly what’s in your food, what nutrients you are getting, and how many calories you’re eating.

This way, you can pack healthy foods that will support your COVID-19 recovery and improve your productivity at work.

Use Bento Boxes

Use Bento Boxes

Using bento boxes is the best way to pack a complete, healthy meal for work. You have several compartments where you can store foods with different tastes and textures without letting them touch each other.

For example, your salad can go in one compartment, meat in another compartment, dressing in a third compartment, and some berries for dessert in the fourth compartment of a single bento box.

Drink Water

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the entire day to improve your productivity and cognitive abilities. So, drink plenty of water but stay away from sweet beverages and too many caffeinated drinks.

Pack Healthy Lunches

Lunches that will help you speed up your COVID-19 recovery should include plenty of vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy carbs, and proteins. This way, your office lunch will give you the nutrients and energy you need to work optimally.

Avoid lunches loaded in carbs like pasta or cereal as they cause a sudden drop in energy levels after giving you a short-term rush of energy.

3 Post-COVID Lunches to Bring to Work

Here are three post-COVID lunch ideas to take to work :

1. Chicken, Tomatoes, and Spinach

Tomatoes and Spinach

Protein foods like chicken breasts will boost your immune system and muscle strength, thus increasing your energy levels and helping you to recover from COVID faster.

You can combine meat with a tomato and spinach salad to get your dose of vitamins and minerals that are extremely important during a COVID recovery. Tomatoes are great sources of potassium, folate, and vitamin C, while spinach is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, potassium, vitamin K, and folate.

2. Sandwich with Meat, Egg or Cheese

This is a great lunch idea if you’ve lost a lot of weight, are underweight, or are struggling to eat enough after COVID. Meat, cheese, and eggs are all rich sources of protein which is a crucial nutrient during a COVID recovery.  

Not only that this sandwich is tasty and nourishing, but it’s also simple and easy to make. Other examples of nourishing meals you can take to work include chicken curry with rice, egg omelet with potatoes, and cottage cheese with a baked potato.

3. Tuna Salad

Tuna salad is a great post-COVID lunch idea as it’ll give you extra protein and calories that will help you gain or maintain weight and strength. Plus, it doesn’t require cooking and you can keep it in the fridge for days so it’s the ideal office lunch.

It’s best if you pack it in a bento box, separating it from dry ingredients such as crackers, lettuce leaves, carrot sticks, or cucumber slices.

A bento box allows you to make your office lunch even more filling, providing a separate compartment for an apple, or a cup of yogurt on the side.

To Sum Up

Recovering from COVID-19 is not easy, especially when you have to return to work and be as productive as you were before the virus. By following some healthy eating tips and packing the right meals for work, you’ll make the process easier for you and speed up your COVID recovery.

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