Making Lunch Packing Simple With 2-tier Lunch Box

May 19, 2021

When it comes to the tiffin break or for the kids the recess in which they share their tiffin and make lifetime memories with their friends, It’s a known fact all of us miss our school days and the lunchtime was the important part of it. So, one of our most precious memories revolves around the tiffin boxes. The same stands true for the office goers if the employees order food online or buy food then it’s quite expensive and moreover it’s unhealthy.

So, most of us prefer homemade tiffin be it school, office, or any place. But nowadays people tend to pack their lunches in cheap plastic boxes but it is harmful to them. So, preferably we should try to use the 2-tier tiffin box as this one has no negative impact on our food and is even space-effective.

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2-tier tiffin box: The traditional lunch packing

If we try to get back to our school days, we can surely recall these steel 2-tier tiffin boxes in our recess time. These tiffin boxes are actually are not only part of our memories but also kept our food safe from harsh chemicals and reactions which arise within cheap plastic lunch boxes. It’s needless to say that plastic harms our food but the stainless steel on the other has less harmful or no negative impact on our food.

Our 2-tier tiffin boxes are made with the highest-grade stainless steel & the exterior is made from food-grade BPA-free, paraben-free, lead-free plastic making food perfectly safe for consumption.

Why opt for 2-tier tiffin box?

When one is choosing a lunch box it is necessary for him/her to determine what kind of food items the container would able carrying. For instance , if someone is going to carry hot chapatis or steamed rice then its not safe to use plastic lunch boxes but when it comes to carrying dry items or pieces of fruits it could be of use, but even then a possibility of danger still remains because one cannot be sure of leaching of chemical compounds in a plastic box.

Moreover, there are again two types of lunches: one is the snacks that are just some fruits or nuts to eat whenever one is bored and another is the serious meals which are full meals for one time. So, if you want to enjoy your meals you must purchase the 2-tier tiffin boxes. You can even place the main item like rice or chapati in one tier, and the curry on another separately in the tiered tiffin carriers, and both the food items remain in good condition without mixing with each other.

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Unlike plastic containers which are really harmful to the environment whereas the stainless steel 2-tier tiffin boxes are environment-friendly as they could be used to be recycled and reused for future purposes.

One more disadvantage is there in using plastic lunch boxes if someone loves to eat the contents of the lunch box the way it was packed, then the plastic lunch boxes are not the one meant for them. These plastic lunch boxes cannot even keep the food hot or cold or the way it was packed. Whereas the stainless-steel 2-tier tiffin boxes are just perfect for this job as they can keep the food hot for up to 6 hours.

Not only the steel lunchbox keeps the food hot but also fresh. So if someone likes to eat their carry on food hot and fresh then the stainless steel 2-tier lunch/tiffin box is just perfect for this job whereas the plastic container would not be able to provide you such freshness.

Added, the stainless-steel lunch boxes give you the right the value for money as these tiffin carriers will go the long run. Whereas the plastic lunch boxes have a short shelf life, and you have to buy one repeatedly leading to high expense.

In almost every perspective the steel 2-tier tiffin box is the all-rounder whether we talk about the freshness or the heat remaining capacity it is better than the plastic ones. On the top of that, one should always keep in mind the health issues which may arise due to the use of plastic containers as the plastic may be leaching poisonous chemicals and can make the food unfit for consumption whereas the stainless steel 2-tier lunch boxes don’t have any such risks at all.

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