Office Lunch Breaks- Benefits And Some Lunch Menu Ideas

Jun 25, 2021

Well, being very busy to take a break suggests that you should slow down and pause your work. Nowadays, people are working under the deadline. In fact, everyone is now striving to achieve the deadline. But that also creates pressure and stress. As a result, they forget to focus on themselves and always keep working on finishing the job.

Do you know what is the most important thing? If you want to attain the desired result, then you need to work at your best. And this will be possible when you take the much-required break. As per some studies, the attentional qualities of the human brain go down after focusing on a single work for hours. This, in turn, can lower your focus power, affecting your overall performance. So, while working at the office, you should always take your lunch break to get the much-needed rest for yourself as well as for your brain.

Defining breaks at the office

Whether they are 30-minute lunches or 10-minute breaks to stretch your body, the breaks will offer you a respite from your continuous work at the office. Besides, other different activities can constitute a lunch break. For instance:

  • Having a meal or snack
  • Checking your social media or smartphone for non-work contents
  • A casual conversation with your co-workers and, more

Why should you take an office lunch break?

Different studies have proved that most American employees don’t go for a perfect lunch break. In fact, some have their lunch at their office desk. Well, the reasons for this will vary, but some of them think that office lunch breaks will not make them productive.

As per the experts, the staff and the entire company can enjoy some benefits when they take a proper break to eat their lunch. A study discovered that around 90 percent of staff who take breaks regularly are quite productive than the staff who don’t take a lunch break. Well, there is nothing to get surprised about here as your brain requires a break. Health experts have said that an interval or your office lunch break can lower mental fatigue and enhance the functionality of your brain. As a result, you will feel motivated.

Now, talking about another important thing, you need to have a healthy lunch to keep yourself energetic throughout the day. Before discussing some benefits of taking a lunch break, let’s explore some healthy office lunch recipe ideas that you can try.

Healthy office lunch ideas

1. Chicken Caprese sandwich

This easy-to-prepare office lunch recipe is about taking your classic Caprese sandwich to a new level by combining it with arugula and mozzarella cheese. Besides, you can also use tomatoes rich in anti-oxidant. In this recipe, add rotisserie chicken to get a sufficient amount of protein. On the other hand, you can replace the olive oil truffle mustard. Your office lunch item will be flavorful and healthy.

2. White bean pasta combined with feta and black olives

healthy lunch items

When it comes to witnessing the Mediterranean taste, you can always go for this lunch menu idea. You can consume this cold or hot, and this pasta recipe is a great option for all vegetarians. As you will use feta cheese and white beans, you will get a decent amount of protein. On the other hand, the freshly chopped vegetables will offer you crunchiness. To make it healthier and more nutritious, you can use whole wheat pasta.

3. Baked falafel

It has been seen that most of the people, during their office lunch try to avoid fried foods but this is quite challenging for them as they don’t have many options, especially while eating their lunch at a cafe. Well, a baked falafel can be a perfect option where you can stay away from the calories and fat related to frying. This item is quite healthier and comes with chickpeas to offer your body a decent amount of fiber. With some veggies, hummus, and shredded lettuce as filling, you can enjoy a healthy lunch at your office.

4. Spring rolls

The fresh spring rolls or salad rolls can be a perfect office lunch menu item. This item is full of super-healthy fresh vegetables, covering radishes, lettuces, sprouts, asparagus, and snap peas. This is super easy to prepare and perfect for a vegetarian lunch. If you want, you can add shredded roasted chicken and baked tofu or shrimp for some extra proteins. Give it a try now.

5. Pad Thai noodle salad

Well, now there is no need to wait in the take-out line at your office’s food court to enjoy a delicious meal, as you can make the healthy Pad Thai noodle salad at home. This is a perfect workday lunch. It combines multiple textures and Thai flavors and tastes super delicious. The best part is that it will have a lower amount of fat and calories. On the other hand, it is completely gluten-free. Instead of wheat, you can use rice noodles.

Benefits of taking an office lunch break

  • It boosts productivity

Remember that working till you feel exhausted will not make you a better employee. In fact, you will not be able to concentrate on the task and will make mistakes. Besides, working constantly will slow you down. So, take your lunch break, eat healthy foods and refresh yourself. You will feel motivated and can work more effectively.

  • The brain requires fuel

As your brain has nerve cells, it will require a massive amount of glucose to keep functioning smoothly. On the other hand, your brain doesn’t have any mechanism to store the fuel. So, there is a constant requirement to supply glucose. In addition, if you are doing challenging work, then your brain will consume more glucose. So, take a break.

  • You need fresh air

Looking at nature and breathing fresh hair can have a positive effect on your overall productivity. There is a significant relationship between the air you breathe and your ability to process the data, and how you respond to a crisis.

healthy office lunch ideas

So, don’t take any risk, prepare healthy lunch items and take your office lunch break regularly to keep yourself energetic and motivated.

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