Seven Easy Bento Box Lunch Ideas For Kids

Jun 30, 2021

Kids are picky eaters of all age groups. They eat what they like. Sometimes they even throw up their lunchboxes if they don’t like the food items. Parents in such cases should pick the Bento Box lunch that contains all types of food to offer a nutritious meal to the kids. For those who don’t know what a bento lunch box is, this post will help you out. In this post, you will discover about Bento Box lunches and what are the best bento lunch box ideas for your kids.

What is Bento Box lunch?

Bento Box lunch is a complete meal that includes all sorts of ingredients. Further, as you are making it for your kids, you should ensure that your Bento Lunch box should include a well-balanced nutritious yet delicious meal. The Bento Box lunch originated from Japanese culture. In the Japanese culture, people used to present their food in smaller compartments that indulges all sorts of tastes. Similarly, the idea of a Bento box for kids comes from Japanese culture. Therefore, you will have to use lunchboxes with bento compartments to fill in an extensive range of dishes.

Tips for packing your

bento lunch box compartments

If you are packing it up for your kids, there are certain things that you need to take care of. First, you should always pack a Bento Box lunch to offer complete nourishment and ensure that it provides the desired taste. The tips to make the best bento lunch box are:

Keep the bento box naturally balanced.

The first thing you need to ensure is keeping the box balanced in terms of taste and nutrition. As you are making it for your kids, you have to keep two things in mind. First, you need to offer a completely balanced diet. Second, there must be an amalgamation of nutrition and taste. This is because; kids always want their lunchboxes to be mouth-watering. Then only they will eat the food packed by you with delight else, they might throw the food or skip the meal altogether. So, keep this in mind while packing the bento lunch box.

Think about packable foods

The best part about the Bento Box lunch is you don’t have to heat it to eat the food items. Further, kids in school also wouldn’t need to re-heat the lunch box. This is because generally, the Bento Box lunch includes food like salads, sandwiches, wraps, Sushi, and many more.

The Bento box lunch should be well-presented

As you know that Bento Box lunch is a part of Japanese culture, and it is famous for making food presentable. In such cases, you should also nowhere lack in making the lunch box presentable. You need to arrange the food that looks attractive to the kids also.
Also, the smaller compartments in your bento box should be colorful. It should indulge all colors and textures. For example, you can add leafy veggies and yellow bell papers in the compartment to make it colorful.

Now that you know the tips to get the best out of your bento lunch box, you should also know what food you need to pack for your kids. Here are the most amazing ideas to indulge in your bento box lunch for your children.

Bento box lunch ideas for kids

  • Egg muffins

The first food item that will attract your kids is an egg muffin. Eggs are a great source of nutrition. They provide the necessary amount of protein to the body. In such cases, the egg muffins are a great choice for the Bento Box lunch. You can pack the spinach egg muffins in the bento box lunch and continue it for a week. The egg muffins, including spinach, are a good amalgamation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian protein. Furthermore, kids will love them too.

  • Rotisserie Chicken Salad

rotisserie chicken salad

Next up on the list is Rotisserie chicken salad. This is an item that gets prepared from the breast and thighs of the chicken. To make it a part of your lunch, you can cook it and prepare it as a salad. The ingredients that you should include are lettuce, bread cubes, halved grapes, cherry, tomatoes, and many more. This will make a great-tasting salad.

  • Humus and crackers

The next food item that you can integrate into your bento box lunch is hummus and crackers. Again, this is a food item that the majority of the kids love to eat. You can use hummus from different brands and then pair it with cheese, crackers, watermelons, and many more.

  • Jam Sandwich

Jam Sandwich is another great bento box lunch idea for kids. Your kids may be bored with the same old lunch every time. You can add jam and pieces of bread along with some defrosted edamame; these are usually a great source of protein. Also, you can add strawberries to it. This will make a unique combination.

  • Turkey and cheese sandwich

The next great Bento Box lunch idea includes Turkey with a Cheese sandwich. Also, the classic turkey is a great food for your kids. It offers them a great source of nutrition. Along with it, you can add a cheese sandwich and diced pineapples, bell pepper, and strips.

  • Blueberry muffins

Packing Muffins in the Bento box lunch is the easiest thing for any parent. They don’t have to do anything other than keeping the muffins in the boxes. But to make it bento, you need to add some baby carrots or thin slices of carrots and apple sauce. This makes a great Bento box lunch for the kids.

  • Cheese and cracker box

This is a much simpler lunch box idea, and kids would love it as well. You can keep it minimalistic with crackers and cheese. Further, to make it more nutritious, you can add fruits, veggies, bell peppers, and peas. This will offer them a great balanced diet.


Keeping it simple, this is how you can make a great bento box lunch for your kids. Now that you know some great and mouth-watering ideas, you should try them in a rotational cycle to help your kids grow faster with healthy food. However, you should make the lunch box appealing and presentable to allure the kids. It is because a Bento Box lunch in Japanese culture is all about making the food presentable in smaller compartments.

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